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Honda CR-V from Great Western Honda

Whether it's looking for monsters under the bed or making sure the tooth fairy arrives on time, you have to go with it a lot as a parent. Sometimes you even have to go on a bit of a wild goose chase. If that's the case, there's no better SUV than the Honda CR-V.

  • Great Western Honda Big on Looks. Smaller on Size.

    Big on Looks. Smaller on Size.

    The CR-V is the result of new thinking from Honda engineers, who have ensured that every part not only looks sleek and stylish but serves a specific function.

  • Great Western Honda Perfect When You Need Some Space

    Perfect When You Need Some Space

    The CR-V has a low cargo floor that makes loading and unloading a breeze. A retractable tonneau cover, standard in the 4WD models and an optional accessory in the 2WD, keeps everything concealed.

  • Great Western Honda Very Clever Technology

    Very Clever Technology

    As beautiful as it is on the outside, the CR-V's clever features prove that inner beauty is what really counts. These include satellite navigation and smart key entry with push start for the 4WD VTi-L and DTi-L.

  • Great Western Honda Eco Assist & Econ Mode

    Eco Assist & Econ Mode

    With its Eco Assist dashboard display, the CR-V cleverly coaches you to help improve your fuel efficiency. The speedo turns an encouraging green whenever you drive most efficiently.

  • Great Western Honda CR-V Exterior
  • Great Western Honda CR-V Transmission
  • Great Western Honda CR-V Rear Exterior
  • Great Western Honda CR-V Seating
  • Great Western Honda CR-V Display
  • Great Western Honda CR-V Exterior
  • Great Western Honda CR-V Exterior
  • Great Western Honda CR-V Diesel

Features of the Honda CR-V

  • The CR-V's one motion-fold rear seats are the key to its versatility. At the pull of a handle, the car performs a parlour trick: the 60/40 split rear seats fold themselves flat to conjure up serious boot space.
  • The wide opening rear doors make it easy to get everyone in and out of the CR-V. There's also less step-over distance reducing the chance of knocking your leg on the side of the car.
  • The CR-V's low centre of gravity and wide stance provide excellent turning dynamics and handling in a wide variety of road conditions.
  • The efficiency-minded new 2WD VT-i or VTi-Navi, sits alongside the 4WD VTi-S and VTi-L models with Honda's Real Time 4WD™ system.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) can help prevent rear-end collisions when cruise control is engaged and your reaction time may be reduced. The system senses if you're approaching a vehicle that is moving slower than your set speed. It automatically alerts you and slows you down in case of danger, and returns you to your set speed when the risk has passed.
  • To keep you from drifting into danger, the Lane Keep Assist System's (LKAS) camera automatically 'senses' line markings on the road. If the system senses the vehicle is about to leave its lane without indicating, it will automatically apply corrective steering, while issuing a visual and audible warning to help get you back on track.
  • The CR-V has been designed with an innovative body structure, engineered to absorb and deflect the force of a frontal collision away from the passenger compartment, improving the safety of every occupant.
  • The CR-V's front seats have specific spring range settings in both the seat back and bottom cushions. So if you get hit from the rear, they will help lessen the severity of neck injuries.
  • The moment you're involved in a collision, the same sensors that deploy the CR-V's airbags automatically tension the front seatbelts. So you and your passenger are instantly pressed back safely in your seats.
  • The CR-V 4WD VTi-L's headlights feature side lamps on either side of the CR-V that follow the direction you're turning, thereby reducing blind spot sand helping bring potential hazards to light sooner.
  • With the CR-V's MacPherson strut front suspension and rear multi-link suspension, you have an SUV whose ride is so smooth and comfortable it will have many sedans hanging their heads in shame.
  • There's a 6-speed manual* or a 5-speed automatic transmission. Choose the automatic, and you'll enjoy Honda's clever Grade Logic Control, a unique system that eliminates annoying “gear hunting”.

*Only available ion CR-V 2WD VTi

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